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2024 Davidian's Farm Market Membership Card:​
The Flexible Way to CSA

Are you interested in incredible savings on farm fresh, straight-from-the-field produce, but don’t want to be stuck in the box of a traditional CSA?  

How our Farm Market Membership Card Works:
Our members pick up their pre-paid Market Membership Cards for use any time after June 14th.  The value they select to be loaded on their card can be used on any fresh produce in our store through October 2nd.  Members purchase their unique card, selecting from our four different membership levels, each with their own additional value loaded on it. 

Your Market Membership Card gives you complete control of what fresh fruits and vegetables you choose to select to savor throughout the year,  and does so with value in mind.  You can use your card whenever you choose and take home only what you want.  Having a Market Membership Card helps negate any issues of dietary restrictions, missing out during times away, and even allows for stocking up on family favorites when additional deals are available.
Our members are an irreplaceable portion of our farm as they commit to a season of support, and provide us income in the beginning of the growing season when we need it most. 

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