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About Our Century Farm 

History of the Farm 

Founded by Armenian settlers, the Davidian family farm has been in operation since 1918. 

With only a small parcel of land to work with, David Davidian (founder) and his son Kerop grew and provided fresh fruits and vegetables for the community and delivered fresh produce to Worcester and Boston Markets.

As time went on, David’s son Kerop realized he had a passion for farming. He spent his time tending to the fields and growing top-notch produce which was sold out of a small store front located at the family’s garage on top of Ball Hill. Kerop had four children and his two sons Ed and Dave Davidian took great interest in keeping the family business running and growing for the future. As their families continued to grow the family continued to invest in the surrounding land. This land amounts to just over 250 acres – all of which is still being used today.

Building our farm stand in the 1980s on Church Street was a major turning point for our family business. With an increase in production and overall farming in the 1990s, it was clear we needed to renovate our farm stand to accommodate for the increase of productivity and to give our customers a greater experience. If you visit Davidian's Farm today you will notice we have a large variety of fresh fruits and vegetables straight from our fields, only a stone's throw away.

Apple Tree
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