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Employment Opportunities

Click here to download our employment application. 

If you are interested in working for our farm, please complete the application above and submit to

Our business:  At Davidian’s are a century old family run farm with a beautiful farm stand located in Northborough right off of 290.  In past years we have hired seasonally, but we are planning to move towards a year-round market model and are seeking assistance in the retail portion of our business.


The positions: 

Within our farm stand we have many moving parts, but our ideal candidates will be flexible to fill in as needed in different departments. We are seeking to fill positions within our farm stand, deli, and bakery, all of which will involve direct customer service and cash handling.

 We are also seeking drivers for part-time position (20-30 hours) transporting fresh produce from our farm to various wholesale outlets in the state. Mainly grocery stores and other larger operations.


What we are looking for: We are a part time employer offering varied hours and shifts seven days a week. 

For our store we are looking for varied experience levels; past food handling can be a great asset but we are also very willing to train the right people who are eager to learn.  We are flexible and interested in hiring members to our team with varied availability including students, “mother’s hours”, and those working a second job. 


Weekends are our busiest times and availability then is important.  Shifts will vary with different positions within the hours of  9am-6:30pm.  All members of our farm team are expected to take interest in and show pride for the products we sell.  We are a small, family centered business and we want to hire employees who desire that sort of work environment.  The more our employees know about what we grow and sell, and the more enthusiastically they communicate that to the public, the happier our patrons are.  Customer satisfaction is our main priority, and we are doing all we can to be their farm destination of choice.

For our drivers all applicants must have a valid driver's license. Driver must be comfortable driving a box truck. CDL preferred but not required. Able to lift 30 pounds easily, 50 pounds as needed. Will be in charge of ensuring deliveries are accurate and receiving customers are pleased with delivery. Attention to detail in product being delivered, ensuring it goes to the right customers, is imperative.


Required Qualities in our Ideal Candidates:

  • Quick to Learn

We are willing to train the right people, so a willingness to learn and retain information while being trained on the job is necessary.

  • Punctuality and Personal Accountability

As a small staffed family business, we need every single member of our staff to be a responsible and indispensable asset to our team.  Tasks lists will be provided and we count on employees self-managing their shifts to complete all important jobs as presented. 

  • Good Communicator

Both clear communication with our customers as well as among team members are imperative. Being able to ask and answer questions in a clear manner, hold a conversation, and show ease in talking to the public. We ask employees share any concerns with their direct supervisor to mitigate risk or problems in the workplace among colleagues or for customers before they arise.

  • Accurate

Both in the information we provide our customers about our large offering of products as well as in daily tasks.  All positions will require cash handling and doing so with precise accuracy is incredibly important.  Basic math skills without assistance is required.

  • Logical

The cashier may need to decide if a refund should be given, ascertain whether goods are fit for sale or predict potential problems. This quality is especially important if there isn't another member of staff available to offer their opinion or help with a situation.


For more information, please email

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